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Matt Schaub Remains Texans' Starting QB; Will Start On Sunday Against Rams

Gary Kubiak announced that embattled QB Matt Schaub will remain the Texans' starter under center for Sunday's game against the Rams. See what Kubiak, Rick Dennison, and Frank Drebin had to say.

Strive for five?
Strive for five?
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Take it away, Mark Berman:

Drew Dougherty with the exact words used by Kubes, plus some expression of solidarity from Texans' offensive coordinator Rick Dennison:

"It was a tough decision," Kubiak said. "Real tough. But I feel like it was the best thing for our football team this weekend."

Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison said he's "100 percent behind" the decision to start Scahub.

"When we make a decision, we stick behind it," Dennison said. "We're looking forward to going out and performing and doing much better."

Tania Ganguli with more:

Hear that? It's business as usual! Nothing to see here, folks.

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