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Checking The Pulse: How Do You Feel About Rick Smith's Job Performance?

The quarterback is likely done, the head coach is feeling the heat, but what about the man who built the Texans' roster?

Will Rick Smith be in this picture next season?
Will Rick Smith be in this picture next season?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's safe to assume that this season for your Houston Texans hasn't gone the way fans, players, coaches, media members, or the front office envisioned. Some are withholding judgment until the end of this week's game with the Indianapolis Colts, but fallout is already being felt.

Quarterback Matt Schaub? Most don't see a way he returns next season. Many don't want him back next year regardless.

Head coach Gary Kubiak? He has more supporters than Matt Schaub, though some of that may be tied into Case Keenum fans who realize no Kubiak may mean no Keenum. A stepback season has turned up the heat on Kubiak's seat.

Yet escaping a lot of blame is general manager Rick Smith, the constructor of this 2-5 roster. A debate on Smith may be premature. Maybe it's not. Only one way to find out. Let your voice be heard, BRBers, and feel free to expand on your well-informed opinions in the comment section below.

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