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Post Game Recap: Texans Lose To Cardinals

Another close game. Another Texans loss. This time, it was 27-24 to the Cardinals. Sigh.

Jennifer Hilderbrand-USA TODAY S

Tell me if you've heard this before. The Texans played a great first half, didn't make the proper adjustments in the second half, made some good plays (though too little, too late), and made a huge special teams blunder that ended up being a big deal.

On the plus side, Andre Johnson proved that he's still a monster when his quarterback can remember that he exists inside the 20. Also, J.J. Watt proved that he doesn't need a healthy defense around him to be an absolute beast.

Joe Marciano and Randy Bullock continue to do their best to give the Texans a high draft pick, as the blocked kick late in the second quarter proved to be deadly. Yes, I understand that you can't really predict how things would play out had they made that kick, but we do know how they played out after the block. With a young quarterback, you need to help him out with solid play in other areas.

Case Keenum continues to do well in his extended interview, but he's got to be much better at some of his decision making. His lack of interceptions is simply an issue of luck right now and it won't hold. On the other hand, his mobility and aggressiveness are exciting and something that's been missing from this offense for a long time. Whether he becomes the long term answer at the position will be determined by his ability to learn from those moments.

For now, it's another week and another loss.

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