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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Dolphins v. Buccaneers

Feeling gutty enough for one more game of football this week? Then take it here where we can criticize other teams and generally mock them to mask the pain we feel. It's BRB's Monday Night Football Open Thread for Dolphins-Buccaneers.

She's glad she doesn't have to put up with RIchie Incognito too.
She's glad she doesn't have to put up with RIchie Incognito too.
Jennifer Hilderbrand-USA TODAY S

Tonight's game pits two teams that really deserve one another. In one corner you've got a team that will bully and ostracize individual players until they can't stand it anymore and quit the team, Jay Glazer's public relations interview with Richie Incognito be damned.

In the other corner is a coach who, potentially, might have leaked medical documents about one of his players (though that allegation is unproven) in an attempt to torpedo that player's career, and has a locker room that sounds more like the setting for a Richard Preston novel.

Enjoy Dolphins-Buccaneers on Monday Night Football this evening. Just don't get too close to the television; you might end up contracting a fatal case of either MRSA from Greg Schiano, or terminal (expletive) syndrome from indirect exposure to Richie Incognito.