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Wade Phillips Monday Press Conference: After Texans' Loss To Cardinals, Wade Talks Ed Reed, Kareem Jackson's Injury, And More

With Gary Kubiak working only a half-day yesterday, Wade Phillips took to the podium to field the media's questions after the Texans lost their seventh game in a row.

Heavy is the head that wears the interim headset.
Heavy is the head that wears the interim headset.
Stephen Dunn

With Gary Kubiak building himself back up to working a full day, Wade Phillips met with the media in the aftermath of the Texans' seventh consecutive loss in a row. Topics included Ed Reed'a analysis of what's gone wrong with the Texans, Kareem Jackson's injury, Case Keenum, and more. As always, here's a link to the full transcript; I've pulled a few quotes out for your review and discussion in the Comments.

(on FS Ed Reed’s comments that the Texans were outcoached and outplayed) "Everybody has their own feelings about what’s happening. They have their own ideas about what’s happening or didn’t happen. We try to keep everything in house. That’s our policy here and that’s what we try to do and that’s what I’m going to do."

(on if he is surprised that FS Ed Reed did not keep his opinions in house) "I really don’t have an answer for that question. Like I said, a lot of people have opinions about what should or shouldn’t be done and those kinds of things."

(on CB Kareem Jackson and if he will be out awhile) "Kareem Jackson has what they call a chest contusion. I don’t know about awhile. There is an outside possibility, from what I’ve heard so far, that he could play this week. I’m assuming that he would play in two weeks, but again, we’ll see where he is as the week goes along."

(on QB Case Keenum’s game against Arizona and what he liked) "He’s done some really good things. The first half, after the first play of the game, the guy fought back and took us for a long drive for a touchdown and made some plays to Andre (Johnson) throughout the game. I think his fundamentals overall, his three-step, five-step drop, those kinds of things, he still needs to work on. He’s still a young quarterback as far as some of those things. Obviously some blitz things, he needs to react quicker, but that’s part of playing. This is from talking to Rick (Dennison) and the offensive people. What I’m trying to relay to you is that he makes plays off-schedule that really nobody makes and we haven’t seen. He does make plays there. Sometimes I think he probably is a little—and he’ll probably tell you—he’s a little early to get off-schedule. He maybe needs to hang in there a little bit more or his timing on this three-step or his five-step, whether he should be in one or another, those kinds of things. They’re working with that. I think he’s eight completions without an interception away from tying the record for the team. Now he’s had some close ones obviously, every quarterback does, but he hasn’t thrown any interceptions. He’s actually 60 from the National Football League record. His quarterback rating for his first three games is only under Tony Romo, so he’s had some positives obviously. We’ve played three really close games, so he was part of helping us get that close."

(on the offense scoring two touchdowns in the second half of the last seven games) "I really would be coaching out of turn there to say anything about that. We’ve got to do well on defense and keep playing. I really don’t want to go there."

(on ILB Joe Mays' status going forward) "He didn’t practice today. We’re still evaluating that, but he went back and played in the game, like a lot of our guys do."

(on FS Ed Reed’s role on this team) "Yeah, we’ve been utilizing him the way we feel like is best for us. He’s been playing on a certain package and they were in for 12 plays. That’s where we utilized him."

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