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Ed Reed Released: The Best Tweets About The Texans Cutting A Future Hall Of Famer

When big news hits, you know Twitter is going to be the chosen forum for quick analysis. It did not disappoint when the news about the Houston Texans releasing Ed Reed broke this morning. See some of the best tweets on the matter in this Battle Red Blog post.

"No take-backs, Bob."
"No take-backs, Bob."
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

If Twitter's good for one thing, it's instant, often humorous, occasionally informative reacton to breaking news. Your Houston Texans cutting Ed Reed this morning was no exception to that maxim. Below are the standout tweets I've seen since news broke about the Texans parting ways with NINE-TIME PRO BOWL SAFETY Ed Reed late this morning.

And finally, presumably tweeted while laughing all the way to the bank:

If you've got other tweets to share or just want to keep on talking about the Most Famous Player To Suit Up For Seven Games In Franchise History, hit the Comments.

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