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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Colts @ BE-SFs

Well, at least it's not Minnesota again. Join BRB as we watch two despised division opponents in which the winner is nobody.

It's so cute how they always root for me.
It's so cute how they always root for me.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Really, football gods? This is the game you give to us poor, mere mortals? Two teams that make me want to gag on a flagpole? Ugh.

That's right, peeps, tonight's game showcases Oliver Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson (both yards per carry), and the Indianapolis Show Ponies against the deeply despised, hated, and truly wretched BE-SFs of Methoptamia. It's always easy to recognize the fans of visiting teams in TN because they have teeth.

Join us to make fun of everything about the BE-SFs because it's like a law or something. Also, I'm sure the Colts fans basement dwellers will stick their heads out, reeking of stale beer, corn nuts, and generic brand cheese puffs, and try to be part of the civilized world for a good 10 or 20 minutes.

As always, open thread rules apply. Please do not do meth just because fans on the screen are doing it. Ditto for marrying your sister.