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Gary Kubiak To Coach From Press Box On Sunday

Gary Kubiak will be taking an "eye in the sky" approach to coaching for the Texans' game against the Raiders on Sunday while he recovers from a mini-stroke suffered nearly two weeks ago.

Bob Levey

Gary Kubiak, under advisement from his doctors, will reportedly be calling this Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders from the press box. This is the first time Kubiak has not been coaching from the sidelines since 2005, when he was still the offensive coordinator under Mike Shanahan in Denver. Kubiak will retain play-calling duties by relaying his calls through quarterback's coach Karl Dorrell, who will be on the field. Wade Phillips will be the designated thrower (or tosser...perhaps lobber?) of challenge flags. Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison, who normally operates from on high, could also make a move down to the sideline to be Kubiak's emotional barometer.

"You don't feel emotion up there like you do when you're on the field", Kubiak said after Friday practice. "You've got to have guys help you with that, talk to you about stuff like that, but it's just something I've got to work through right now."

Perhaps a different viewing perspective will give Gary Kubiak a better idea of just how inept Derek Newton, Brice McCain. Wade Smith, and virtually all of the special teams unit have been this season. Or, more likely, he surmises that they're all battlin' as hard as they can, and gives everyone game balls. Either way, it's good to see that the ol' ball coach will be healthy enough to direct the Case Keenum Express for a full four quarters once again.

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