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Week Eleven Infographic: Houston Texans vs. Oakland Raiders

This week we highlight the matchup between the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders while telling the story of Case Keenum, archaeologist.

The word "Raiders" was enough to connect the dots between Oakland and Indiana Jones for this week's cover theme (I would hope). The 2013 Texans can be summed up with this - we went to the movies expecting to see "The Last Crusade" and we got "The Legend of the Crystal Skull." That said, if anyone wants to argue which is the best and worst Indiana Jones movie, be my guest in the comments section. Onto the story...

Case Keenum wondered out of the desert and into Bob McNair's office. Mr. McNair has a mission for the adventurer: salvage the Texans' season. Of course, Keenum accepted. He traveled through the jungle of Kansas City, where he attempted to fend off the feather-clad natives, only to fall short in his endeavor to capture the elusive third win of the 2013 season. Houston would be the next location in the search for a win. The only thing standing between Keenum and the win was a rag of Colts. Once again, Keenum feel short as the Colts ran away with the win.

The black and silver Raiders now approach Houston. Will Keenum's heroics be enough to grab the win this time?

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