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Open Game Day Thread II: Raiders v. Texans

It's halftime and your Houston Texans find themselves up 17-14 against the Oakland Raiders. Continue the conversation as we look forward to the second half.

J.J. Watt, American Hero.
J.J. Watt, American Hero.
Thomas B. Shea

2:54 remaining in the 2nd 1 2 3 4 Total
Oakland Raiders 14 0 14
Houston Texans 0 14 14

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In a battle of 3rd-string quarterbacks, the Houston Texans find themselves in a close battle with the Oakland Raiders. Case Keenum and Matt McGloin have furthered the cause of undrafted free agent quarterbacks with their play on the field. Keenum is, thus far, 11 for 18 with 154 yards. He tossed a long touchdown to Garrett Graham and threw an interception against a heavy pass rush.

Meanwhile, Ben Tate is running hard for his new contract despite his broken ribs; we've often seen him grimace in pain after a play. So far he's totaled 60 yards on 10 touches.

Also, I'd say Joe Marciano is coaching for an extension. His kicker boomed a 51-yard field goal before the half, and he watched his punt returner take one to the house for 85 yards. Game ball, anyone?

This is around the time that the Texans completely implode. Will they start a new trend or run away with their first victory in almost 2 months?

Stay tuned. Same blog time. Same blog channel.

This is your open thread for the second half. All community rules and guidelines apply. Follow them or I will cut you with a knife.

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