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Andre Johnson Speaks After Loss To Raiders, Confrontation With Matt Schaub, Happiness With Texans

Andre Johnson's confrontation with Matt Schaub at the end of the Texans' eighth loss in a row yesterday made national headlines. See what 'Dre had to say when he spoke with the media after the game.

Houston's final offensive play in yesterday's loss.
Houston's final offensive play in yesterday's loss.
Thomas B. Shea

After the Texans lost their eighth game in a row to the Raiders yesterday, Andre Johnson spoke with the media about his dust-up with Matt Schaub, how the last play went awry, and perhaps most tellingly, his happiness (or lack thereof) with the Houston Texans organization. Here's a link to the CSN Houston video (Warning: Video starts automatically when you click the link). I've transcribed a particularly interesting exchange from a reporter and 'Dre below.

"Andre, for the record, are you happy to be with this franchise moving forward? Do you want to remain here?"
"I'm under contract, so I have to play my contract out. I can't do anything about that."
"Guys under contract can ask for a trade."
"Yeah, they can. I don't know. I never asked for a trade. Did you hear anything about that?"
"Okay. Well..."

I've previously expressed my fear that 'Dre could be reaching the point where he's fed up and wants out of Houston. After what happened yesterday, do you share that concern?

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