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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Patriots @ Panthers

Join us tonight as we talk about the Patriots, Panthers, and things that make us hurl.

Blowing my own horn.  No, not that.
Blowing my own horn. No, not that.

Tim made a strategy change leading up to this post. Ya see, Brett started the post, but because of a scheme change, I was forced to relieve Brett. This was originally going to be a "Monday Night Football Open Thread", and now it's a "Monday Night Football Open Thread." Does that make sense? It does to Tim, and that's all that matters.

It's on Tim. Next week, I think he's going to start Corzo. We just don't know right now, but it'll be the right call no matter what you people think.

Stop booing! I haz a sad! I'm going to the silent typing now. I HOPE YOU PEOPLE ARE HAPPY.


Tonight's match-up brings us the Tom Bradys of New England against the Cam Newtons of Carolina, wherever the hell that is. It's one of the few recent prime time games that's actually worth watching. Unless you like the Vikings or Glitter Kitties or something. But nobody actually does in real life. Heck, all their fans are a bunch of team sockpuppets, anyway.

Open thread rules apply. This thread will definitely cause a persistent cough and possibly syphilis. YMMV. LOL. KYIM?