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Checking The Pulse: Should The Houston Texans Fire Rick Smith?

It would seem that Gary Kubiak is virtually guaranteed to be fired by Bob McNair at the end of the season. What about Houston Texans' general manager Rick Smith? Should he be terminated as well?

Fire him?  Or spare him?
Fire him? Or spare him?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, 1560's John Granato tweeted:

The Houston Texans, thought by many before the season to be a Super Bowl contender, are 2-8. After Gary Kubiak's Waterloo at Reliant Stadium two days ago, it's almost impossible (for me, anyway) to imagine Kubes surviving this disaster of a season. But what about the yin to Kubiak's yang? What about Rick Smith, the Texans' general manager?

TDC asked a similar question a few weeks ago, back when the Texans were 2-5 and losers of only five (5) straight. At the time, the majority of those who voted felt like Smith wasn't in any real danger of losing his job. With another three losses on the ledger and the Ed Reed fiasco coming to an embarrassing end, feelings about Rick Smith's job performance may have changed.

I ask you now, BRB: Should the Texans fire Rick Smith at season's end? Note that the question is phrased as "should" and not "will." Cast your vote and elaborate on your position in the Comments.