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Houston Texans Snap Count Report: Left Guard Rotation? Tarpinian Watch?

Here's how the Houston Texans deployed its roster during its franchise-worst eighth loss in a row. Jeff Tarpinian had an eventful game with his snaps, and are we seeing a rotation at left guard for the first time?

Whatever happened to the No-Fly Zone, Brandon?
Whatever happened to the No-Fly Zone, Brandon?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Name Position O Snaps / Pct % D Snaps / Pct % Special Teams %
C Keenum QB 39 / 53 0
M Schaub QB 34 / 47 0
W Smith G 57 / 78 12
D Brown T 73 / 100 12
D Newton T 38 / 52 12
R Harris T 42 / 58 7
B Brooks G 73 / 100 22
C Myers C 73 / 100 0
B Jones C / G 17 / 23 24
A Johnson WR 72 / 99 0
D Hopkins WR 46 / 63 0
G Graham TE 73 / 100 0
D Johnson RB 5 / 7 0
B Tate RB 68 / 93 0
G Jones FB 17 / 23 33
L Jean WR 0 / 0 14
K Martin WR 27 / 37 40
D Posey WR 49 / 67 0
R Griffin TE 0
J Byrne TE


Lots of talk about rotations have been made the last week or so. Rumors and reports circulated that the front office was not happy with the lack of rotation at certain positions. Of course no one expected there to be any such movement at the quarterback spot, but there certainly was last Sunday. Gary Kubiak was desperate for a win, so he turned to ol' reliable Matt Schaub. Capt. Ron talked about the decision in yesterday's Captain's Log; his take on it mirrors my own, so I'll leave it at that.

How about the gap in snaps for Wade Smith? The PRO BOWL GUARD gave up some playing time, seemingly for the first time this season. I haven't heard much about it as far as injury, but Ben Jones took his spot for at least 17 offensive snaps. It would have been nice to see David Quessenberry here, but Durga blessed us with plenty of injuries this year. I'm curious to see if a rotation will continue; meaningful snaps for Jones would certainly help his growth.

After receiving no playing time with the offense last week, Keshawn Martin got a good chunk this week. He was targeted five times and hauled in two. His 23-yard catch-and-run featured a nice juke move on a would-be tackler. It would be great to see more slot work from him.


Name Position O Snaps / Pct % D Snaps / Pct % Special Teams %
W Mercilus LB 67 / 100 12
D Swearinger DB 67 / 100 12
B Reed LB 67 / 100 12
J Watt DE 58 / 87 10
D Sharpton LB 67 / 100 12
J Tarpinian LB 52 / 78 21
J Joseph CB 67 / 100 7
S Keo FS 66 / 99 21
A Smith DE 52 / 78 10
J Crick DE 19 / 28 64
B McCain CB 24 / 36 52
B Harris CB 52 / 78 52
T Jamison DE 5 / 7 2
E Mitchell NT 38 / 57 12
T McClain DT 14 / 21 2
E Pleasant SS 15 / 22 74
J Tuggle LB 7 / 10 76
R Sapp LB 38
J Starling DB 76
J Victorian DB 64
B Braman LB 76
D Karim RB 29
J Byrne TE 24

Well I've been calling it for weeks, and I got my wish: Brandon Harris got a huge boost in playing time. Unfortunately, he was picked on quite a few times by rookie Matt McGloin. Brice McCain actually lost snaps and still got burned as well. The Texans traded up to draft Brandon Harris in the second round a few years ago, but can he develop the same way Kareem Jackson did over time? There's only one way to find out.

Jeff Tarpinian is a name that's fun to say, and one that we might be hearing plenty about in the coming weeks. With Joe Mays sidelined, Tarpinian notched 10 total tackles, including one tackle for loss, and a pass defensed. It's worth noting that other than Rashard Jennings' 80-yard touchdown, the Texans held the Raiders to just 85 yards on 30 attempts. Tarpinian, who was signed as a UDFA with New England, could be playing himself into an extended contract on a linebacker group that's paper thin right now.

These are just my thoughts, so let's hear yours. Shout out who you want to see more (or less) of in this back half of the season. Happy Wednesday.

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