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Ed Reed: Wade Phillips "Probably The Reason I'm Not There"

Although he's now a member of the New York Jets, Ed Reed continues to enlighten the masses about his time with the Texans and what's wrong with the defense here. He's not being subtle, as he's now taking shots at Wade Phillips directly.

Bitter?  Maybe.  Accurate?  Quite possibly.
Bitter? Maybe. Accurate? Quite possibly.
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A little more than a week ago, the Houston Texans unceremoniously cut Ed Reed, their prize free agent acquisition of the previous offseason. The Jets, Reed's current employer, head to Baltimore this weekend, so Ed gets his second homecoming of the season. Given all he accomplished with the Ravens, of course Ed is going to talk with the Baltimore media. Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun has been tweeting what Reed has said today. It is not exactly a glowing endorsement of how things are being down at Reliant Park.

It's easy to summarily dismiss all of that as the rantings of a disgruntled and fired former employee. But absurdly misleading total yards surrendered per game aside, the Texans' defense has been bad this year. Not average. Not inconsistent. Bad. Perhaps Reed's observations have merit?

Gary Kubiak has received the lion's share of the criticism for the unraveling of the Texans' 2013 campaign, but the fault does not lie with him alone. Kubes' offense (Andre Johnson aside) has been extraordinarily underwhelming, and the defense has not been much better. Not to go too what-have-you-done-for-me-lately, but Wade Phillips' unit hasn't had the success we grew accustomed to in 2011 and for a good chunk of 2012.

Ed Reed is not completely speaking out of his arse here.

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