Week 11 Thingy - Flaming Down the Drain

What are you going to do about this, Bob? - Thomas B. Shea

Exposing my ADD

I have never been diagnosed with ADD or any similar medical condition (I probably don't know all of the official titles either). However, growing up, I knew I had terrible issues concentrating on one subject for any period of time. I had to have background noise to "study" or do homework, and I did my best work in front of a TV. I am usually able to control it, but when I get fatigued it tends to become a real problem.

I can be working on a car - walk over to the tool box to get a wrench, and see the WD 40 and remember that I should lubricate the door hinges. So, I lubricate the door hinges. As I walk back to the car, I see what I was doing and remember that I went to get a wrench. Knowing I have these issues - I lubricate the hinges first, and hope my second trip to the tool box yields the needed wrench. ( I often work a certain way with most of my tools laid out ahead of time (if I can remember which tools I need) otherwise the one hour job becomes a three hour one.)

Edited note: Case in point about my ADD. The "Kid gloves" part in this post was inspired by a picture. I planned on using said picture in the post, but my ADD got me. I have now added that picture in the Kid Gloves part. Just one more example of how it gets me sometimes.

This pretty much explains my view of this season so far:



Some people seem to think you need to treat a new NFL quarterback with "kid gloves." Like when Kubiak pulled Keenum out of the game somehow it will scar him. Heh.

Handle with Kid Gloves - What is the story behind this?

So the other day, I was wondering about "Handling with kid gloves." As far as I know, I have always, even as a child, understood this to mean be overly sensitive or make sure you do not upset someone (which is pretty much the common meaning today) but I wondered - what the hell are kid gloves?

Just what the hell are kid gloves? Gloves for kids? Gloves you wear when handling kids? As it turns out - kid gloves are gloves made from the skin of a young goat (me- duh!). Now back in the old days - not prehistoric like Freedomriide old days, but like the 1700's - regular folks had to buy gloves made of lamb skin or cowhide. Kid gloves were not intended for use when doing any real work. Not even for pruning the rose bushes or light house work. Wearing kid gloves indicated that the wearer was basically a rich snob.

By the way - These are NOT kid gloves:

History of Kid Gloves:

The earliest mentions of kid gloves are from England in the 1730s. Here is one such example for 1734:

The Corpse of Mr. Thorp, A Distiller in Soho, who died a few Days since, said to be worth £10000 was put into his Coffin, quilted within with white Sattin; and after several yards of fine Holland [best-quality linen] were wrapt about his Body... on his Head was a Cap of the same Holland tied with a white Ribbond; he has about his Neck two Yards of Cambrick; a Cambrick Handkerchief between his Hands, on which he had a pair of white Kid Gloves: and in this manner he lay in state some Days and was afterwards buried in Buckinghamshire.

Kid gloves were viewed as ostentatious and only suitable for the (again) rich snobs. In 1837 some guy named Brummel used to say a man should be scouted [dismissed scornfully] for doing.

Which brings me to looking at "scouted" as a negative term. So now when I read about scouting players - this gives me a chuckle.

So then I find this first usage in Samuel Palmer's Moral Essays, 1710: They pass the rhodomontade till they're expos'd and scouted. Cool - and here I thought the "apostrophe d" thing was a blog thing. Turns out it is just really old. So old I will say olde.

Of course - now I have to look up 'rhodomontade', another word I didn't know, which turns out to mean 'to speak boastfully or bombastically'. Apparently how they said "swag" in the olde days.

Where was I? - Oh yeah - kid gloves. 'Kid-gloved' came to be used as an insult, implying a lack of manhood, as was recorded in The Leicester Chronicle in January 1842:

This contraband system of political allusions appears to suit the taste and nerves of the cautious, gentlemanly, kid-gloved Conservatism, which cannot endure the shock of attending a public meeting. (/no politics)

It seems that was the common use of "kid gloves" until - ‘Murica!

In 1849 The New-York monthly magazine The Knickerbocker has the first example of the term in print:

"Belligerent topics are not our forte and never was; neither do we handle them with kid gloves, when they fairly come in the way."

This is pretty much how I got to here (wherever that is).

Here was some pretty good In depth post game analysis


Yards receiving for Garrett Graham. The most ever for a Texans tight end.


Combined Tackles each for Sharpton and Tarpinian

2 for 21

Sacks for yards lost - for BOTH teams.


Touchdowns given up by Brice McCain (by my count)


Tackles still leads the Texans - yes Brian Cushing is still the leader in that category.

Short of the Sticks:

Here is the end of the the last Texans drive with a few of my notes:

(1:57) 2-8-OAK 9

(Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short right to B.Tate to OAK 2 for 7 yards (C.Woodson). FUMBLES (C.Woodson), and recovers at OAK 2. Again - just short of first down.

B.Tate to OAK 2 for no gain (M.Jenkins).

3-1-OAK 2 (1:28) B.Tate left tackle to OAK 3 for -1 yards (Ke.Burnett). Note: I did not see successful running to the left all game, running to the right was somewhat successful.

Timeout #2 by HST at 01:15.

4-2-OAK 3 (1:15) (Shotgun) PENALTY on HST-B.Brooks, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at OAK 3 - No Play. Note: This was again a pass short of the sticks on 4th down. The penalty gave the Texans a second chance here.

4-7-OAK 8 (1:15) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass incomplete short middle to A.Johnson (U.Young).

Unrelated Music Video - Because How Blue Can You Get?

OK - this post is waaaayyy too long for my liking - probably will never happen again. So stay safe!