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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Saints v. Falcons

Talk about the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons behind their backs in Battle Red Blog's live open thread for tonight's Thursday Night Football game.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Back when the schedule came out, tonight's tilt between the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons looked awfully sexy. Then the Falcons set about becoming the 2013 Houston Texans of the NFC, and now we get what could very well be a rout and lots of forlorn Georgian faces on the television.

I for one will be rooting the Falcons on. As Texans fans whose dreams of postseason glory have been shattered by a complete train wreck of a season, we have kindred spirits over at The Falcoholic. If you want to be mercenary about it, you can justify backing the Falcons tonight as a logical move for improving the Texans' draft position in May. Whatever floats your boat, really.

This is your open thread for Thursday Night Football. Saints-Falcons. Get after it.