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BRB On Inside Edge Sports, Talking Texans-Jaguars

If you are longing for the sound of Matt Weston's voice, you are in luck. He represents BRB on Inside Edge Sports' newest podcast as they discuss the Texans' roster and Week Twelve's matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

2-8 or not, we still get to root for this.
2-8 or not, we still get to root for this.
Bob Levey

One of the perks of being a writer for SB Nation is that sometimes other people need a warm body with a voice that preferably speaks English to talk about football. Last night was a perfect example of this. Eric and James from Inside Edge Sports needed someone to talk about the Jaguars vs. Texans game this Sunday, I hastily tossed my quarters into the toll booth.

So after work I sat in a H-E-B parking lot while rain stampeded on top of my car and discussed Gary Kubiak's future, why Brian Cushing isn't injury prone, and what I love and hate about Case Keenum with them. If you only want to listen to my lovely voice, I come on at 14:30 (like Stone Cold Steve Austin when the glass shatters), but I recommend listening to the entire show.

Reminiscent ofthe Battle Red Radio posts you have seen before: the browser link is here, if you like the show, the iTunes link is here, and the embedded player is below. How you choose to listen is up to you, but all that matters is that you do.

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They do a great job with the show and they run one of the prettiest Word Presses I have ever seen. Follow them on Twitter (linked to their names in the first paragraph) and if you ever want to learn about the Jacksonville Jaguars or the NFL in general give them a listen or a read.

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