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Houston Texans Injuries: Kareem Jackson Out For Sunday's Game Against Jaguars

In a season that continues to defy belief, the Texans will be without one of their starting cornerbacks for their Week 12 game against the Jaguars. Read on to see why and who will take Kareem Jackson's place in the starting lineup.

You know this isn't Brice McCain because the DB is actually in the picture.
You know this isn't Brice McCain because the DB is actually in the picture.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

A tip o' the cap to Jonathan Fosburgh for posting this tweet in the comments to The Pregame:

Zangaro's article has the following from K-Jax:

Jackson had been listed with a chest injury but on Friday said he has a fracture to his first rib under his collarbone. It’s a painful injury but one that needs to heal on its own.

"As for doing everyday movements and stuff," Jackson said. "I’m still having soreness and pain and stuff, so I can only imagine what it’ll feel like once I start to tackle and stuff."

Jackson said the injury happened at the end of the first quarter against the Cardinals, when he made a tackle along the sideline. He didn’t return in that game and hasn’t played since.

"It’s definitely tough, man, knowing that’s my teammates fighting and stuff, practicing, still putting in the work to do the things to try to get this thing right as a team," Jackson said. "It’s definitely tough only being able to watch on Sundays and not being able to go out there and fight with them."

I wonder if Ben Tate thinks his teammate's ribs are wishy-washy. Anyway, if that Ice Kareem news doesn't get you down, Zangaro then writes perhaps the eight most terrifying words known to man Texans fans:

Brice McCain will make his second straight start.

Somewhere, Petey Faggins laughs and Chad Henne rubs his hands together in anticipation.

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