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Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Broncos @ Patriots

The weather outside if frightful, and I could totally cut a diamond with these nips. Grab a drink and a blanket and take off those cumbersome pants as it's SNF time.

Truly, these were the only winners on the field today.
Truly, these were the only winners on the field today.
Bob Levey

So, that happened.

Personally, I'm surprised Head Coach Gary Kubiak lasted the week at his job, so I'm not sure if anything happens until the end of the season. Regardless, the Texans season could take a dozen viagra and still not get it up.

But we're not here to wax poetic about your Houston Dumpster Fires. No! It's time for Sunday Night Football.

Though, clearly, the Texans and Glitter Kitties should've been a prime time game, we're stuck with the lowly match-up of the Denver Broncos at the New England Patriots.

If you think this game is without suspense, you couldn't be more wrong. Even though I have two more players going tomorrow, Danny Amendola can put mbw away with just 13 points tonight. And, at the end of the day, does anything matter more than my fantasy football teams?

I didn't think so.

Usual open thread rules apply. Be kind to each other, and hopefully the "resident' Tiquan Underwood fan arrives to talk smack about his hero. Because why not?