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Would You Fire Gary Kubiak Today?

The Houston Texans have lost nine straight and are the worst team in the NFL. If you were Bob McNair, would you relieve Gary Kubiak of his coaching duties today? Or wait until the end of the season?

"Step into my office, Gary."
"Step into my office, Gary."
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Gary Kubiak is going to get fired. We have reached a point where reasonable minds can no longer disagree about this. The only question is whether that termination occurs during the 2013 regular season or immediately after it.

Bob McNair has not given any indication that he would make an in-season change at head coach. If anything, his track record indicates understanding and patience not seen this side of Mother Teresa. His Houston Texans, however, have repeatedly demonstrated that keeping Gary Kubiak as head coach in 2014 is a wholly untenable proposition. Bob will fire Gary. Could it happen today or at some point before the clock hits zero in Nashville for the Texans' Week 17 game?

Sure, it could. I seriously doubt it happens, though. In fact, I'd be stunned in McNair fired Kubiak at any point during the season. From what we know of Bob McNair, making that kind of move, even if totally justified, doesn't seem to be his way of doing business.

So while I doubt McNair will fire Kubiak before season's end, my question to you turns the issue to how you would handle the situation. If you were Bob McNair, would you fire Gary Kubiak today after yesterday's repugnant loss to the Jaguars? There are certainly reasons to do so and to refrain from doing so; please cast your vote and explain your reasoning in the Comments below.

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