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Monday Night Football Open Thread: 49ers v. Redskins

Colin Kaepernick and RGIII will try to get their teams a victory as the 49ers visit the Redskins on Monday Night Football. Follow the game live in Battle Red Blog's open thread for Monday Night Football.

"We're gonna need a bigger boat!
"We're gonna need a bigger boat!
Patrick Smith

This has been one really odd NFL season. Who would have thought the 49ers would be 6-4 and in third place in their division behind Arizona, a team that is 7-4 after obliterating the Colts yesterday? The Seahawks are still in first place in that NFC West with a 10-1 record. The Harbaugh brothers met last year in the Super Bowl, but now both of their teams are struggling to even make it back to the playoffs. Look for the 49ers to come out swinging tonight as they attempt a late season run and to break a two game losing streak.

On the other side of tonight's match-up, you have the Redksins sitting at 3-7. As bad as that sounds, they are still not completely eliminated from playoff consideration since their division has the Cowboys and Eagles tied with 6-5 records, with the Giants are just one game up on Washington with a 4-7 record. Can the Shanahan Father and Son duo make a run?

Is there a player or coach in tonight's game you might want working for the Texans next year?

Leave your comments below. The standard open thread rules apply.