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Case Keenum Will Start Versus Patriots

Gary Kubiak announced that Case Keenum, despite his performance yesterday in the Texans' loss to the Jaguars, will be the team's starting QB when the Patriots visit Houston on Sunday.

We're getting used to this image.
We're getting used to this image.
Scott Halleran

Coming off the worst game of his brief professional career, Case Keenum will remain the Texans' starting QB when the Patriots come to Reliant Stadium on Sunday, Gary Kubiak says:

Objectively speaking, an argument can be made that Keenum's continued inability to sense and/or react to pressure should result in Matt Schaub's return to the starting lineup. Realistically, however, that ship has sailed, at least as it pertains to Schaub taking snaps at Reliant.

By and large, after Schaub's record-setting pick-six extravaganza, Texans fans clamored for Keenum to get snaps so the team could evaluate him as a potential piece on this team going forward. That appears to be what we're going to get as the Texans try to avoid losing ten/eleven/twelve/thirteen/fourteen games in a row.

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