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Resurrecting the Battle Red Blog Glossary: Assistance Wanted

Many of you have been clamoring for it, and soon it shall be rebuilt; and you could be a part of its construction. The Battle Red Blog Glossary shall be reborn.

Yes, he's in the glossary too.
Yes, he's in the glossary too.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

A long time ago in a format far, far away, in the long gone year of 2010, a lone interpid blogger put together a list of commonly used terms and the ancient lore of Battle Red Blog.  That blogger was the one and only tehGrindCrusher, to whom I give the sincerest props for creating the first BRB Glossary (with added weightspeed).

Over the course of time, new terms and nicknames arose (with help from BFD and the dearly departed MDC, among others) and the need for a second glossary arose.  In the doldrums of 2011, a second edition of the BRB Glossary arose, with a hint of bleachy goodness, constructed by yours truly.

Now as we near the close of 2013, the third edition of the BRB Glossary is ready for construction.  But there are so many new terms, so many new reverential and spiteful nicknames to add, that I cannot list them all.

Here's where y'all come in.  Here's where you get your opportunity to make your mark on BRB.  We're looking for as many terms that have arisen since June 2011 to add to the glossary.  Since I'm getting old and forgetful, I need you to remind me of the best terms that have been coined in that time.

Just to make it clear, we are looking for terms that have made it into the lexicon here and are generally used.  Any newly envisioned terms that cannot be verified will not be accepted for this edition.

So do us a solid and help build us an improved glossary, would you?  It's what Andre would want you to do...I think.