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Sunday Night Football Open Game Thread: Texans v. Colts

Texans-Colts, Sunday Night Football, and the opportunity to hysterically overreact to everything Case Keenum does is here. Share your thoughts, observations, and opinions on Battle Red Blog's live open game night thread.

The 2013 Houston Texans season in a single pose.
The 2013 Houston Texans season in a single pose.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It's Sunday Night Football. Fresh off the bye, it's your 7-0 2-5 Houston Texans hosting the predictably regressing 5-2 AFC South leading Indianapolis Colts at Reliant Stadium. Time for Matt Schaub Case Keenum & Co. to make a statement on the national stage.

This is your first open thread for Texans-Colts on Sunday Night Football. I trust that you will comment like the paragon of fandom you are.

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