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Open Game Day Threads: Early Afternoon Games (11/3/13)

CaseCaseCaseCaseCaseCaseCaseCaseCaseCaseCaseCaseCaseCaseCaseCaseCaseCaseCaseCaseCaseCase. Oh, and the first open thread for the early afternoon games on BRB.

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Nothing like saying goodbye to the bye week, especially when you have all day to get Battle Ready for the Messiah's home debut in Sunday Night Football. The days of the Houston Texans playing in the early slot every single week are over, but let's face it: we sort of suck on Sunday night. And if we don't stop sucking on Sunday night, tonight, then the season is pretty much over.

But if we do pull it off - if Case can make Brett Kollmann's day by establishing himself as The QB Of The Future - then the results of a few of these early afternoon match ups could end up being a determinant factor as to whether or not the Texans can steal that last AFC Wild Card spot.

Kansas City-Buffalo probably won't mean a thing, but how can you count out the 4-4 New York Jets this season? That team has surprised everyone thus far, and no one wants to stick their foot in Rex Ryan's wife's mouth by assuming they'll collapse. A loss to New Orleans would be nice, though. The Chargers are a team we should be much more concerned about, and for the first time since Mark Rypien, I'm rooting for the Washington R-words in a football game. Tennessee-St. Louis needs no commentary.

Tennessee Titans Named After Inbred, Defeated Child Eaters (via nflfanhouse)

Oh, and there are some NFC contests that few should care about: Atlanta-Carolina, Minnesota-Dallas, it's a beautiful day outside, let's go play golf.

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