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Texans v. Colts Open Thread Part Tres: Houston Leads 24-12 On Sunday Night Footbal

Discuss the Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, and their Week Nine match-up live in Battle Red Blog's third real-time open game day thread.

I don't know what he's doing. At all.
I don't know what he's doing. At all.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

After a scary moment, the Houston Texans had to come out without their leader. While it would be understandable if they were shaken, the Texans came out ready and focused, a testament to their leadership.

The defense bent but did not break as they allowed an opening half field goal to the Indianapolis Colts, after Antonio Smith collected his second sack of the game.

Case Keenum came out on his first drive of the half showing more accuracy, going 5-of-5 for 49 yards as he led the Houston Texans down for a field goal to match. Ben Tate also chipped in 16 yards on three carries while playing with four broken ribs. I don't think we have stressed that enough. Ben Tate is running and taking hits while playing with four broken ribs. I tip my hat in Tate's way.

To end the quarter, Andrew Luck picked on Brice McCain relentless and finally found T.Y. Hilton for Indianapolis' first touchdown of the night.

The Texans are up 24-12 on Sunday Night Football. For those wanting an update about the status of Gary Kubiak, the Houston Texans official Facebook page states that he is at the hospital, conscious, and surrounded by his family. Both bits are good news, but the latter is way better to hear than the former.

Comment away. We're here until the very end.

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