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Battle Red Blazin' Hot NFL Picks: Week 10 - Open And Shut Case

Thanks to the fine folks at Buffalo Wild Wings, we bring you this week's slate of picks for Week 10. Also keep up with the neck and neck race at the top of our Pick 'Em league. Still in our Survival league? Get your pick advice here.

Keep feeding this man the ball, Case.
Keep feeding this man the ball, Case.
Christian Petersen

Week 9 was chock full of upsets that just about no one saw coming. I mean, seriously, the Jets over New Orleans? Chicago over Green Bay? What?! And that Texans pick felt oh, so, good during the first half against the Colts, only to have those feelings ripped away one missed field goal at a time.

I do admit I feel silly picking Oakland over Philly; I keep thinking the Raiders will surprise someone, but I'm apparently the last man on Earth to realize, outside of Terrelle Pryor, that Oakland is bereft of talent.

Cincinnati followed up its 49-9 massacre of the Jets with a 22-20 face plant against middling Miami thanks to an overtime safety. Who can predict this stuff? These guys apparently:

Rank Pick Set Name Total Dropped W-L
1 Eggshellman 84 7 84-35
2 STEELBLUE 82 7 82-35
3 Swikky 82 5 82-37
4 goomba 81 7 81-36
5 Wade's World 81 6 81-36
6 erikhayden 81 6 81-39
7 bruinballer 80 7 80-39
8 oiler-texan diehard 80 7 80-39
9 mefjr 79 6 79-38
10 XRoadie 79 5 79-38
... ... ... ... ...
26 Corzo 76 7 76-44

My dud picks last week dropped me out of the Top 20 again. Eggshellman slipped past Swikky while STEELBLUE catapulted himself from the 9 hole up to second. BruinBaller also worked himself into the Top 10. Well done, my friends.

The Picks

Washington Redskins @ Minnesota Vikings (+2.5)

Upset alert. Adrian Peterson is due for a 250-yard, 3 score game.

Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons (+6.5)

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears (+2.5)

Philadelphia Eagles @ Green Bay Packers (-1)

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans (-11.5)

St. Louis Rams @ Indianapolis Colts (-9.5)

Oakland Raiders @ New York Giants (-7.5)

Buffalo Bills @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-3)

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens (+1.5)

Carolina Panthers @ San Francisco 49ers (-6)

Upset alert. The 49ers have had a paper-soft schedule these past few weeks. The Panthers have quietly been fantastic on both sides of the ball, and now their record is catching up. Cam Newton outduels Colin Kaepernick.

Houston Texans @ Arizona Cardinals (-2.5)

Maybe they'll win if I pick against them? I expect Arizona to be ready for Case Keenum. The local hero has a letdown game after soaring high for two weeks. I hope to be wrong.

Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers (+7)

Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints (-7)

Miami Dolphins @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2.5)

Florida should forfeit its rights to NFL franchises. What else is on TV Monday nights?

Survival League Pick: Tennessee Titans

I hate to go with a divisional game two weeks in a row, but I actually have little choice. I could roll the dice on Giants-Raiders or Dolphins-Bucs, but I don't trust them very much. Things are getting tight as the season progresses, yet I still have the Texans, Saints, and Packers (for when Aaron Rodgers gets back) to choose from later.

Zai jian to TheBeard'sPicks and Boomshakalakanoids, both of whom picked New Orleans and represent our first losses to the pool since Week 6. The Saints on the road up north is a risky proposition; they're a dome team through and through. The Jets are so inconsistent, but their ceiling is surprisingly high.

Texans vs Cardinals coverage