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Which Arizona Cardinals Player Would Houston Texans Fans Most Want?

Your Houston Texans take on the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. Which Cardinals player would you take right now and put on the Texans?

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Imagine him at corner for the Texans.
Imagine him at corner for the Texans.
Al Messerschmidt

In honor of your 2-6 Houston Texans traveling to the desert for a game against the 4-4 Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, I ask you, Texans fans:

Which player on the Cardinals' current roster would you most want to see playing for the Texans right now?

For years, for the Texans and virtually every team in the NFL, that question would be answered "Larry Fitzgerald" without a moment's hesitation. Now? With DeAndre Hopkins on board? I'm not so sure. That's not to take anything away from Fitzgerald. It's simply acknowledging that the Texans are far weaker at several other positions than they are at wide receiver.

Personally, I answer the question with "Patrick Peterson." While Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson have not been awful on balance this season, there shouldn't be any debate that Peterson would represent a massive upgrade at cornerback and for the secondary in general. If Peterson is not the best corner in the league right now, he's easily in the top three. Additionally, the Texans could utilize Peterson in the return game, even if he hasn't been as effective there as he was when he exploded onto the scene in 2011. A legitimate stud corner and the possibility of no longer having to see Keshawn Martin return punts? Sign me up.

What say you? Fitzgerald? Peterson? Calais Campbell? Daryl Washington? Tyrann Mathieu? Eric Winston? Someone else? Provide your answer in the Comments.

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