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Gary Kubiak Visits Texans Practice Today

Though he's supposed to be resting, Houston's head coach couldn't help but stop by his team's practice today.

He can't stay away.
He can't stay away.
Bob Levey

Discharged from the hospital a mere two days ago, Gary Kubiak can't stay away from his team. The Texans' head coach stopped by practice this afternoon and briefly spoke with his players.

"He talked to the players a little bit and everybody was excited to see him," interim head coach Wade Phillips said. "He looked pretty good so that was really the highlight. We had a good practice. I thought our guys were really into it."

Kubiak told players how much he missed them and that he felt good. Phillips said that he had been told that Kubiak might pay a visit during Thursday's practice at Houston Methodist Training Center and was glad to see him.

While I wish Kubes would stay home and get his rest, it's great to see he's doing well enough to be out and about like that. Here's hoping he continues on the path to a full recovery.

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