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BRB Open Thread: College Football (11/09/13)

I would just like to point out that we are now on track for a Baylor-Oregon Fiesta Bowl if they both win out. I don't think a scoreboard exists that can handle that many points.


It is rare to see a Thursday night packed with multiple gigantic games, but Baylor-Oklahoma and Oregon-Stanford did an admirable job of setting the table for what is I expect will be a good weekend in college football. Alabama and LSU have their yearly clash tonight while Auburn, Florida State, and Mizzou all continue to pad their stats to make a run at a BCS bowl game. Don’t count out UCLA-Arizona as possibly being the best game of the week. A good Saturday to be a college football fan, this is.

Some good games on tap today:

No. 2 Florida State @ Wake Forest – 11:00 AM CST on ABC

No. 8 Missouri @ Kentucky – 11:00 AM CST on ESPNU

No. 9 Auburn @ Tennessee – 11:00 AM CST on ESPN

Vanderbilt @ Florida – 11:00 AM CST on ESPN 3

USC @ Cal – 2:00 PM CST on FOX

Texas @ West Virginia – 6:00 PM CST on FOX

No. 13 LSU @ No. 1 Alabama – 6:00 PM CST on CBS

No. 19 UCLA @ Arizona – 8:00 PM CST on ESPN