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Rivers McCown: "Case Keenum And The Dumbening Of The Texans"

Football Outsiders' analyst and Texans fan Rivers McCown shared his thoughts about the Texans, Case Keenum, and the problems plaguing the organization after Houston's deplorable loss to the Colts in Indianapolis yesterday. It's a great read for Texans fans.

He can't do it alone.
He can't do it alone.
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

In the aftermath of yesterday's debacle in Indianapolis, our friend Rivers McCown of Football Outsiders' fame penned a rather interesting post on Case Keenum, your Houston Texans, and how the organization's mindset is not doing anyone involved any favors. A teaser:

My problem with the Texans is that word-for-word, you will never find an organization that swears to work harder than this one. Tremendous dedication is a requirement to work with them. I’m not trying to make light of this when I bring this up: Kubiak literally collapsed and had a mini-stroke from putting as much work into this as he did. McNair said Kubiak "put his whole being" into the job. Nobody has ever outworked J.J. Watt, and nobody ever will if you listen to him speak after losses. The refrain when the Texans lose isn’t "well we might need to make a few changes," it’s "we’ll work on that, get it corrected."

Here's a link to the full post. After you've had a chance to read and digest it, let us know if you think Rivers is on to something with his analysis.

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