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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Ravens @ Lions

This season is rapidly coming to a close, and let's face it, in March, you'll be jonesing for anything resembling football. Grab a drink, kick off your pants, and join in tonight's open thread.

Throwing their hands up like they have no cares in the world.
Throwing their hands up like they have no cares in the world.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With Wade Phillips at the helm of the HMS Texans, they outperformed all expectations in crushing the Indianapolis Colts yesterday. We knew the team was purposefully tanking because of the horribly disliked Gary Kubiak. Yesterday's rejuvenated team, led by a pants on fire Shiloh Keo, dominated the Colts on both sides of the line of scrimmage. When Keo tied the record for number of interceptions in a single game, even the Colts faithful stood and applauded.

Or not.

Join us tonight as we wax poetically about how the Texans would've dominated with Reggie Bush instead of Mario Williams. Or how Joe Flacco is a truly elite QB. Or how...wait, am I still being snarky? I CAN'T TELL ANYMORE.

Usual open thread rules apply. If blindness occurs, you should really stop doing that, and you know what I mean. Please be kind to one another unless your user name rhymes with orange.