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BRB On Twitter And Facebook

You love us at our fabulous website, but you can also be part of the fun on Twitter and Facebook.

If you think Jim Irsay is all about social media, then you haven't seen BRB in action.
If you think Jim Irsay is all about social media, then you haven't seen BRB in action.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We're cool here at BRB. I mean, we're totally hip. Why, just last week, Bayless was listening to Smashing Pumpkins, and Brett was updating our MySpace page. UprootedTexan still has an AOL account, though, so we still have some room for improvement (seriously, AOL).

Almost every night, Tim takes control of the @battleredblog account and rocks Twitter with his #TTTQ (Tonight's Texans Twitter Query) hashtag. Come for the questions; stay for the responses. A couple of us are usually around to troll pester harass troll Tim on these nights.

These days, Corzo runs our Facebook page, and you can always get a new glance at Dunsmore's latest fantastic graphic. The Texans' dumpster fire graphic is my favorite so far.

Twitter accounts for your BRB heroes:

Tim: @battleredblog
MDC: @BattleRedMDC
TexansDC: @TexansDC
UprootedTexan: @UprootedTexan80
Brett Kollman: @BrettKollmann
bfd: @bigfatdrunk
Bayless: @NoBaysParsley
D_more55: @d_more55
mbw987: @mbw987
Corzo: @LiterallyCorzo
Capt Ron: @CaptRonBRB
Vega: @rjvega31

We're active on Twitter to varying degrees (with original content, no less!), but it's always worth reading anything we have to write when we write it. Unless it's not, in which case, really, what did you lose? A tweet takes maybe two seconds to read, and each one is a look inside the minds of the madmen who write here.

Similarly, if you've got a Twitter or Facebook account, share it in the Comments and/or send a message our way. The odds of hilarity are off the charts when it's 11 p.m. and we're too lazy to boot up our computers.