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Houston Texans Injuries: Ben Tate Moved To IR; Case Keenum Ruled Out, Matt Schaub To Start

The team's lengthy list of players on injured reserve has gotten a little longer with running back Ben Tate joining the mix. Meanwhile, Case Keenum's injured thumb has him ruled out this week. Guess who'll start for him?

"It's my time now, Case."
"It's my time now, Case."
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to The Twitter and Interim Head Coach Wade Phillips' latest press conference, we now know that running back Ben Tate has injured another rib and has found himself on injured reserve. This means that Dennis Johnson will start versus the Denver Broncos with Deji Karim and Jonathan Grimes as his backups.

Unfortunately, we've probably seen the last of Tate in a Texans uniform. His contract is set to expire after this season, and with Arian Foster returning with his substantial contract next year, he likely won't be re-signed. Best of luck to you, Ben.

In case you're keeping count, Tate joins these folks on IR:

16 Bonner, Alan WR 5-10 191 23 R Jacksonville State
34 Bouye, A.J. CB 6-0 191 22 0 Central Florida
56 Cushing, Brian ILB 6-3 249 26 5 Southern California
23 Foster, Arian RB 6-1 227 27 4 Tennessee
62 Frierson, Evan ILB 6-2 234 R Illinois St.
17 Lemon, Alec WR 6 207 0 Syracuse
38 Manning, Danieal S 5-11 212 31 8 Abilene Christian
77 Quessenberry, David OT 6 307 23 0 San Jose State
73 Williams, Brennan OT 6 314 22 0 North Carolina
54 Williams, Trevardo OLB 6 237 22 0 Connecticut

Thanks to the Mothership's roster for the chart.

Phillips dropped another truth-bomb by revealing that Case Keenum's injured thumb is severe enough to keep him out of this Sunday's game. Thus, Matt Schaub will start in his place. Keenum apparently injured his thumb on the last sack of last week's game and has had trouble gripping the football. No declaration was made if Keenum, too, will be placed on IR.

Imagine, if you would, the collective gasp of the reporters as they all stand up and simultaneously start asking their questions, demanding clarity. The flashbulbs go off as messengers run to the payphone bank, calling their editors to STOP THE PRESSES!

We just can't seem to quit you, Matt Schaub. The Texans seemed to be damned if they do or don't, so I suppose it doesn't really matter who starts at quarterback, but it's amazing how this team keeps relapsing back to Schaub despite its best efforts. Maybe we'll see some fireworks like the last time the team played the Broncos?

Leave your thoughts and well-wishes to either/both Ben Tate and Case Keenum and their respective backups in the Comments below.

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