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Wade Phillips Puts Houston Texans In Timeout Like They Are Misbehaving Toddlers

Coaching is just like parenting. When a player misbehaves, there are consequences. Fortunately for the Houston Texans, their interim head coach treats them like they are two year olds.

He is me, and I am him.  Antonio Smith in the Sad Corner not pictured.
He is me, and I am him. Antonio Smith in the Sad Corner not pictured.
Andy Lyons

I have a two and a half year old son. As two and a half year olds sometimes do, my son occasionally misbehaves. When he does, we put him in the "Sad Corner" until he shows he's ready to be a big boy again.

In other words, I am Wade Phillips and my son is a Houston Texans player who just committed a penalty in practice:

"I was hoping that we would do better. Unfortunately, some of the penalties we had in practice carried over to the game. We had the players — if they had a penalty in practice — we took them out of the practice and set them on the side. Kind of a timeout. Something to embarrass them a little bit. We’re going to continue to do that. We’ve got to cut down on penalties."

Marvel at the absurdity of that for a moment. Wade Phillips is putting grown men in timeout. Not demoting them. Not fining them in the team's kangaroo court (CBA be damned, many teams have an informal court for things like this). He's taking them off the field in practice "to embarrass them a little bit."

I'm no behavioral expert, but after back-to-back games with fourteen (14!) penalties apiece, I reckon Wade might want to try a different method. He's not reaching the kids. Maybe try sending the Texans to bed without dessert?

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to try to think of ways not to laugh the next time I send my son to the Sad Corner. Can't have the lad thinking I find his shenanigans amusing; that would set a bad example, and he'd start jumping offsides just to make his old man chuckle.

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