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Battle Red Blazin' Hot NFL Picks: Week 16 - Happy Hollandaise!

Week 16 is here and Battle Red Blog continues its weekly series of NFL picks. Catch an update on the Pick 'Em league standings, too! Brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings.

Wiley ol' gunslinger Matt Schaub returns to face the Denver Broncos in the last home game of the season.
Wiley ol' gunslinger Matt Schaub returns to face the Denver Broncos in the last home game of the season.
Doug Pensinger

Week 15 did not treat me so well. An absurd amount of upsets tanked me out of the Top 10 in our rankings, as you can see below. I should have known St. Louis would beat New Orleans. The Rams have inexplicably had a great amount of success against the Saints for a few years now. Minnesota beating Philly without Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart is mind-blowing, too.

The one upset pick I made fell through, but Kirk Cousins probably helped his trade value with his performance. It will be very interesting to see if any teams are interested in acquiring him.

Rank Pick Set Name Total Dropped W-L
1 Eggshellman 143 0 143-64
2 goomba 139 5 139-71
3 erikhayden 139 6 139-71
4 oiler-texan diehard 135 6 135-75
5 parahax 134 5 134-75
6 XRoadie 134 5 134-73
7 bruinballer 133 0 133-74
8 FreedomRide 133 5 133-76
9 DO 133 5 133-77
10 Just Winz 132 7 132-78
11 Corzo 132 6 132-78
12 Gunning for Corzo 131 6 131-76
13 OneManBlitz 129 6 129-81
14 mefjr 129 5 129-80
15 htown4life 129 5 129-80

There's no catching Eggshellman at this point, barring a two-week collapse. I, for one, welcome our new Ovum Overlord.

Onward to the picks!

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills (+2.5)

Minnesota Vikings @ Cincinnati Bengals (-7)

Indianapolis Colts @ Kansas City Chiefs (-6.5)

Upset alert! This screams of a game that Andrew Luck and the Colts will show up for in a big way. Indy has already beaten the Seahawks, 49ers and Broncos.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ St. Louis Rams (-5.5)

Cleveland Browns @ New York Jets (-2.5)

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins (+3)

Somehow, some way the Dallas Cowboys still control their own destiny when it comes to the NFC East. Somehow, some way, they'll blow it, but not this week.

New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers (-3)

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars (+5.5)

Denver Broncos @ Houston Texans (+10.5)

*Cringe* This could get ugly, folks. I'm rooting for Matt Schaub to give me one last hurrah, though.

New York Giants @ Detroit Lions (-9)

Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks (-10.5)

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Green Bay Packers (0)

Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers (-10)

New England Patriots @ Baltimore Ravens (-2.5)

Chicago Bears @ Philadelphia Eagles (-3)

It's the Christmas season and Jay Cutler is in a very giving mood. One or two turnovers should give the Eagles the edge with their high-powered offense.

Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers (-12.5)

That's it for this week. Be sure to make your picks if you're in the hunt and enjoy Week 16. The season is, mercifully, almost over.

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