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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Saints v. Seahawks

The football doesn't stop on Sunday. Come and share your thoughts on what could be the only Monday Night Football game worth watching all season.

Steve Dykes

Remember the days when we watched other teams' games to figure out how it would impact the Texans' playoff chances, who they would face in the first round, or even if they'd get a first round bye?

Pepperidge Farm I remember. Those were some good times; they seem like so long ago. But those times are over, for this year anyway.

Instead we cling jealously to the first overall pick, protecting it like Gollum and "his precious."

So let's not dwell on that. It is a sad and, based on that last line, rather nerdy place to be.

Instead, let us watch the only Monday Night Football game this season that might actually be worth paying attention to. It's got everything you could ask for in a game: the two best teams in the NFC, major playoff implications for both sides, a crowd determined to win back the noise record that was fraudulently claimed by Kansas City a few weeks back, and the possibility of another Beastquake against the Saints.

Enjoy the game.