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Week Sixteen Infographic: Houston Texans vs. Denver Broncos

This week we highlight the Week 16 matchup between the Houston Texans and the Denver Broncos as we tell a BRB Christmas Story.

My original thought for this week's cover was to work in the Golden Keenum. The Golden Keenum, the false quarterback raised on high, was born out of this tweet -

Here is the idol in question for your viewing pleasure.

The golden Keenum is glorious, but my attention can't be pried away from the holidays. This week's tale is "A Christmas Story". A "BRB Christmas Story" would of course focus on the Texans, and how all the Texans wanted wanted was a ticket to the Super Bowl. The Texans were told time and time again that they would shoot themselves in the foot if they kept trying to go to the Super Bowl.

This season, finally the time came when everything felt right. The Texans were a good team filled with new offensive weapons, a new all-time great safety, and a veteran coaching staff. The Texans dreamed of the red and blue confetti falling in New York on Super Bowl Sunday. It was time for them to show their quality. It was time to earn that Super Bowl ticket. To only the Texans' surprise, they shoot themselves in the foot at the first opportunity. Their worst fears realized, but out of that came a new present. A top draft pick that would fill the heads of the Texans with new dreams of playoff football once again. Now let's get to the game.

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