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Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Bears v. Eagles

Tonight two NFC teams battle it out while trying to win their respective divisions. See former Texans players in Philly host the Bears, and talk about it in BRB's Sunday Night Football open thread.

"I'll ride my bike home after the game...if I can find it." - photo credit
"I'll ride my bike home after the game...if I can find it." - photo credit
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Both teams have an 8-6 record.  The Bears can clinch the NFC North tonight with a win, since both the Packers and Lions just lost this afternoon.  The Eagles are trying to edge out the Cowboys for the NFC East title.

Former Texans CB Sherrick McManis can be spotted in the Bears uniform, while these former Texans all dress out for the Eagles:

  • LB Connor Barwin
  • CB Roc Carmichael
  • TE James Casey
  • WR Jeff Maehl
  • LB DeMeco Ryans
  • P Donnie Jones

Earlier today we saw the Texans give up four touchdowns to help propel Peyton Manning into the record books with 51 passing touchdowns in a single season; best in the NFL.  Pull up a seat and chat about that earlier Texans game, or share your thoughts on these former Texans playing tonight.  Perhaps you'd prefer to grumble and jeer about other notable players who once filled our draft thread debates; like Alshon Jeffery (Bears) and Matt Barkley (Eagles).  Maybe you'll continue to speculate about the Texans' draft board for 2014.  Either way, please be kind to one another, and have a great evening.