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Houston Texans Injuries: Johnathan Joseph Put On Injured Reserve

Joseph tore a ligament in his big toe during the game Sunday, and has been placed on Injured Reserve.

Last dance? - photo credit
Last dance? - photo credit
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Deepi Sidhu of the Mothership reports:

Joseph has 16 passes defensed this season, the most he has recorded in his three seasons as a Texan. Joseph’s 16th pass defensed came against Peyton Manning in the first quarter of Sunday’s game. He finishes the 2013 season with 55 tackles (51 solo) and a team-high 3 interceptions.

The injury list for the Texans continues to pile up. Some question if Joseph will be back after this season, and if he played his last game as a Houston Texan on Sunday against the Broncos. I hope they are able to restructure his contract and bring him back. We have enough issues to resolve on the roster without losing the team's best cornerback as well.

"Johnathan Joseph tore a ligament in his big toe, which will be operated on," interim head coach Wade Phillips said. "So he’s out for the season or out for the last game."

Heal up J-Jo, and we hope to see you lighting it up next year!

Brice McCain will start across from Kareem Jackson for Houston’s final game against the Titans.

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