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Happy Holidays From Battle Red Blog

Today, many of us take a moment to bask in the reality of how fortunate we really are. Yes, even as fans of the worst team in the NFL.

Nice hat.
Nice hat.
Scott Halleran

From all of us here at BRB, I wish you and yours a happy and joyful holiday.

This season has been miserable for Texans fans. From dreaming of a Super Bowl to the outhouse of the NFL, it's been a rough three plus months for the fan base. Nevertheless, we're all lucky to be here and extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to be so passionate about something so trivial. They say it's the season of perpetual hope, so here's hoping we have a playoff run to gear up for this time next year.

In the meantime, it is my sincere wish that you and everyone you care about enjoy the day and the season.

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