Week 16 Thingy - I Get Personal

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

While the game was not much fun to watch, it wasn't all bad. The first 3 quarters the defense played well, and the offense wasn't atrocious. My first live Texans game experience was still one I will remember in a positive way, even though it was loss 13 in a very bad season. This week's thingy will be a more personal view than some.

First of all, I had a great seat:

Did I mention it was a great seat?

The roof was open

I went around to check out the tailgaters...

At least some were tailgating in a holiday spirit

Even though it was right before Christmas, I think the crew from the North Pole were even having trouble getting excited about the game.

Santa was trying to get a free drink there

Then Santa was giving diet tips to John McClain.

The Reindeer were even locked up for being drunk in public.

Then, Santa was flirting with the Cheerleaders

I turned and looked, and I saw the old dilapidated Astrodome. It is time to go for you old dome. This is the last time I likely get a photo of it:

Then I see this in front of the stadium

This photo I took sums up the game:

At least while at the game - there was always a "view."

My view was so good, I saw what John Fox saw:

I believe this is what you call unsportsman like conduct

After the game ended, the Schaub gave his "chicken dance"

Just in case you were wondering, yes I was really there.

I was going to put all sorts of interesting tid-bits about the game (OK a handful) but the Texans have not even put out the gamebook on the game yet. I think the guys in charge of that are still in some back room drunk someplace - they just cannot handle it any longer.

Just for information I took all of the photos used (except for the one of me - someone else took that).

Well, nothing else much to say. I hope I can get some really clever stuff for next week's Thingy.

Stay Safe!