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Report: Bill O'Brien Says He's Not Leaving Penn State, Bob McNair Says Search For New Texans Head Coach Continues

After reports surfaced that the Houston Texans and Bill O'Brien were negotiating a deal for O'Brien to become the Texans' new head coach, O'Brien allegedly told a Penn State recruit he isn't leaving, and Bob McNair says the team's search for a new head coach isn't over. What to believe?

You'd look better in battle red, Bill.
You'd look better in battle red, Bill.

Updating this afternoon's story that your Houston Texans were negotiating with Penn State head coach Bill O'Brien to become the third head coach in franchise history, one of O'Brien's incoming recruits at Penn State says O'Brien told him earlier today (and after the news about O'Brien negotiating with the Texans broke) that he's not leaving Penn State. Pat Tholey of 247 Sports reports:

Brooklyn (N.Y.) Abraham Lincoln five-star defensive tackle and Penn State commit Thomas Holley spoke with head coach Bill O'Brien a few minutes ago regarding the ESPN report that O'Brien was in the process of working on a deal to become the Houston Texans next head coach.

"I just off the phone with him," Holley told 247Sports Luke Stampini. "He said he isn’t going. It’s not true."

Take that for what it's worth. Personally, in a world where coaching contracts aren't exactly ironclad, I tend to subscribe to John Middlekauff's school of thought.

It's also worth noting that Houston Texans owner Bob McNair is publicly saying that the team's search for a new head coach is not over yet:

So O'Brien says he's not leaving Penn State, and McNair says the team has "other interviews scheduled next week." Hmmmmmmm. Your reaction to these new developments?

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