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Titans 16, Texans 10: Week 17 Post-Game Recap

The tank is done and the Teddy Bridgewater experience is on the horizon. Thank goodness this is over.

Fun while it lasted.
Fun while it lasted.
Andy Lyons

I've never been so un-disappointed with a loss to the BESFd.  A lot of good things happened today.  The Texans secured the first pick of the draft.  This disastrous season has come to an end.  The team is about to get a whole new coaching staff who we can only imagine will see the end of the collective reigns of terror of Brice McCain, Shiloh Keo, and Wade Smith.

Most importantly, though, we can get back to rooting for the Texans to win again.  Look, I understand that the Texans' future is much brighter than it would have otherwise been had the team won a few down the stretch.  I still couldn't get on the tankwagon until today.  And even still, I feel... dirty.

But now those days are over, and it will be all sunshine and rainbows from here on out.  I promise.

Teddy will make it all better.

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