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2014 NFL Draft: If The Houston Texans Have The First Overall Pick, Who Should They Take?

With the worst record in the NFL, the Houston Texans are currently the leader for the first overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft. Assuming they keep that pick, who should they take?

Not.  Happening.
Not. Happening.
Thearon W. Henderson

If the season ended today, your Houston Texans would have the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Not quite how we thought the 2013 season would play out, but such is the hand we've been dealt. While there are still four games left to play, thus giving the Texans plenty of time and opportunity to screw this up fall back in the draft order, I'm curious as to what fans believe the Texans should do if they keep the top pick in the draft.

A few notes before you embark upon this exercise...

1. We're assuming the Texans keep the first overall pick. In other words, they don't trade back. I know, I back is what all the cool kids do, and the Rams totally did it in 2012. Don't care. It takes two teams to trade, and this entire exercise is so speculative with four (4) games to go that we're not going to increase the uncertainty at this point. When you're casting your vote, do it with the understanding that the Texans are staying at No. 1.

2. I'm assuming Marcus Mariota declares for the draft. Admittedly, that is a sizable assumption. But if he is eligible, and the Texans decide to take the best QB on the board, would you rather have Teddy Bridgewater or Marcus Mariota? Or...sigh...the other guy discussed in the following point.

3. As much as it pained me to do it, I did include Derek Carr in the poll. I cannot fathom a scenario where the Texans would draft David Carr's younger brother. Lil' Carr is, however, by all accounts a legitimate prospect and could quite possibly be a threat to go first overall to a team in search of a QB that's not based in Houston. While I don't think it'll ever happen if the Texas have the top pick, I had to make him an option on draft stock alone.

With those things understood, I invite you to cast your vote and stick up for your position in the Comment below.

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