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Bill O'Brien-Tom Brady Sideline Exchange: Gary Kubiak Would Probably Not Have Done This

If you haven't seen the infamous sideline exchange between NFL head coaching candidate Bill O'Brien and Tom Brady, check this out.

Bring it, Bill.
Bring it, Bill.

As the media has begun to delve into Bill O'Brien's candidacy for various NFL head coaching gigs, including that of your Houston Texans, much has been made about O'Brien's experience as New England's offensive coordinator and his work with Tom Brady. In that same vein, many pundits have mentioned the infamous sideline exchange between O'Brien and Brady that was captured on television. For those that haven't seen it, here it is.

That video is even more awesome if you try to envision Gary Kubiak playing the role of Bill O'Brien and Matt Schaub as Tom Brady.

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