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2014 NFL Bracketology: Day 2

16 teams are now knocked out of the postseason bracket. Find out the results from Day One and make your picks for Round Two.


If I did not have a job, I would be spending every day this week inventing box scores for each of those games and building a multiple linear regression that would use percentage of votes as the independent variable, with points as the dependent variable.

Sadly, now is not the time. So during the rest of tournament I will only be collecting the results, writing the new polls and updating the bracket. Thanks to everyone who voted. If you enjoyed it, send it to your friends so we can increase the sample size. In my own way, I am using this as entertainment and to get an idea of how everyone feels about these teams before the playoffs, so the more votes the better. Enough exposition. Here are the results for Day 1 and how the brackets shape up going forward.

The winners are in bold. I am proud of everyone for making sure the defending champion Houston Texans went down, unlike last year when they took down the New England Patriots for the championship. In this round, the only real upset was the Dolphins beating the Cowboys. Just like in the real March Madness, the fun does not really start until the second round.

The West Region

1.) Seattle Seahawks 94.22%

8.) Houston Texans 5.88%

4.) Pittsburgh Steelers 44.12%

5.) St. Louis Rams 55.88%

3.) Arizona Cardinals 97.06%

6.) New York Giants 2.94%

2.) Indianapolis Colts 88.24%

7.) Cleveland Browns 11.76%

The North Region

1.) Denver Broncos 100%

8.) Washington Redskins 0%

4.) Dallas Cowboys 26.47%

5.) Miami Dolphins 73.53%

3.) Kansas City Chiefs 97.06%

6.) Tennessee Titans 2.94%

2.) Green Bay Packers 85.29%

7.) Minnesota Vikings 14.71%

The East Region

1.) New England Patriots 100%

8.) Jacksonville Jaguars 0%

4.) Chicago Bears 58.06%

5.) Baltimore Ravens 41.94%

3.) San Francisco 49ers 100%

6.) Buffalo Bills 0%

2.) Cincinnati Bengals 88.24%

7.) Tampa Buccaneers 11.76%

The South Region

1.) Carolina Panthers 100%

8.) Oakland Raiders 0%

4.) San Diego Chargers 54.84%

5.) Detroit Lions 45.15%

3.) New Orleans Saints 96.77%

6.) New York Jets 3.23%

2.) Philadelphia Eagles 87.1%

7.) Atlanta Falcons12.9%

So the matchups for the second round are:

West Region

1.) Seattle Seahawks

5.) St. Louis Rams

2.) Indianapolis Colts

3.) Arizona Cardinals

East Region

1.) New England Patriots

4.) Chicago Bears

2.) Cincinnati Bengals

3.) San Francisco 49ers

North Division

1.) Denver Broncos

5.) Miami Dolphins

2.) Green Bay Packers

3.) Kansas City Chiefs

South Region

1.) Carolina Panthers

4.) San Diego Chargers

2.) Philadelphia Eagles

3.) New Orleans Saints

Here is the link to the bracket.

Here is a link to the survey for the second round.

Stop by tomorrow for the results and the third round matchups.