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Texans-Jaguars Injury Report: Who's On Track To Play Tomorrow Night In Jacksonville?

With the Texans and Jaguars playing under the lights on Thursday Night Football tomorrow evening, what are the teams' respective injury situations heading into the game?

None of this tomorrow night.
None of this tomorrow night.
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

There's quite a bit on the line tomorrow night in Jacksonville when the Texans and Jaguars square off. No, not a division title. No, not a playoff berth. No, not pride. The first overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft could very well be determined tomorrow night when the 2-10 Houston Texans meet the 3-9 Jacksonville Jaguars. With stakes that high, it's vital to know who'll be available to play. Which players could miss the game due to injury?

The Texans' official site has that question answered here. To summarize, Owen Daniels remains sidelined. Greg Jones is listed as questionable. While the Texans have a virtual army listed as "probable," no one else on the Texans' roster has been ruled out for the game. Except for, you know, all the starters who have already been lost for the year.

The Jaguars, meanwhile, look to be without Stephen Burton, Josh Evans, and Texans Ex Justin Forsett tomorrow night. Will this affect the race to the bottom? You'll have to watch to find out!

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