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Open Game Day Thread: Texans v. Jaguars (Thursday Night Football)

If you're watching this game, you're already so far gone that you might as well complete the cycle of sorrow and provide witty commentary in Battle Red Blog's live open thread for Texans-Jaguars on Thursday Night Football.

Indeed.  INDEED.
Indeed. INDEED.

2-10 versus 3-9. That's what tonight is. For anyone who's not a fan of the Houston Texans or Jacksonville Jaguars, there's no reason to watch unless you've got a fantasy football playoff game or you're a masochist. If you're a Texans or Jaguars fan, you're naturally a masochist, so I suppose there's some overlap there. Life's a funny old girl sometimes.

What was I talking about again?

Oh, yeah. Texans-Jags on Thursday Night Football. This is your open thread for that. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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